Gentle & Safe hand sanitiser

Formulated with Aloe Vera and Natural Essential oils to let you sanitise your hands frequently without harming your skin and enjoy a pleasing perfumed instant.

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Effective sanitiser*

* Contains Alcohol solution in high percentage to be effective within 30 seconds against SARS coronavirus, MERS corona virus, ebolavirus and influenza.

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Safety in a bottle! and pelasant!


Smells incredibly good! I haven't ever seen a sanitiser with such pleasant smell. Kids love it and I just can't switch to any other!


Feeling safe and relaxed every time! Every time I use it it calms me down and gives me a feeling of safety, specially around in public places.


Pure Natural Ingredients

Our ingredients are natural based and effective. They were combined to help you protect yourself frequently without harming your skin.

- Aloe vera is a powerful moisturiser that brings to the skin nutrients and hydration.

- Glycerine relieves dryness and refreshes the skin's surface

- Ethanol is a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral. It is crucial to have it in high concentrations to effectively protected you from infecting micro-organisms.

**Our formulas contain high levels of ethanol proven to be effective against viruses and bacterias, including SARS Coronavirus and other commonly found viruses and bacterias.